Private Workshops

Learn to make lei in the comfort of your own space or the venue of your choice.  This experience is perfect for birthday parties, team bonding, bridal and baby showers, or just for fun.

Please view the following information packets and contact for booking and more information.

We currently offer lei po'o and lei kui workshops.  We look forward to offering wreath making workshops in the fall (November-December).

E hana lei kākou. Let's make lei.

Private Lei Po'o Workshops

Learn to make a lei po'o in the wili method.

View Information Packet Here

Lei po'o - n. lei worn on the head (po'o)

Wili - nvt. to writhe, twist, wind around a base.

Private Lei Kui Workshops

Learn how to make a lei kui in two methods- kui pololei and kui poepoe.

View Information Packet Here

Kui - to string pierced objects, as flower in a lei.

Kui pololei - a straight pattern of stringing objects.

Kui poepoe - a "double" round pattern of string objects using twice the amount of materials.


Booking is currently open for 2024 between July 16th-July 26th, and August 16th-December 31st.

Actual availability varies within these time frames. We ask that you provide a few date/times that work for you when booking and we will do our best to acommodate you. We appreciate your understanding and support.